Whether you are exporter, importer, overseas agent, supplier, customs broker, freight forwarder , warehouse operator or transporter, myezdms is a web-based cargo tracking software which allows both you and your customers to monitor the movement and status of your freight in real time with great visibility. Myezdms assures your customers that their goods are being handled by expert hands and lets them stay confident. in freight industry, visibility is the foundation to success. and the efficient tracking capabilities of myezdms give round-the-clock access to shipment details via a fully-featured online portal. It gives real time visibility to the customers and they can get peace of mind that their delivery is on time and on target. Online tracking is business-driving and powerful feature, especially for delivery managers who have to provide quality service that are valued by clients. with this tool, it has now become possible and easier. For effective and simple logistics management, you can rely on myezdms with confidence.

Some key Feature of myEzDMS

  • Online cloud based system with no huge startup cost.
  • Accessibility from anywhere in the world.
  • What you see customer see same information. No middle of the night phone calls from other part of the world.
  • Customer will receive notifications for each movement of freight.
  • Documents can be uploaded for customer view. Pictures can be uploaded to find freight in big warehouse.