A systematic collection of electronic record of health-related information about individual patients Digital form of records that can be shared across different/ multiple healthcare setting. An EHR system includes a wide range of data, including medical history, medication and allergies details, immunization, demographics, laboratory test results, radiology images, vital signs and billing etc.

Some key Feature of EHR

  • Improved day to day operation Streamline charting practices
  • State of the art self intelligent patient scheduling system
  • Prevent the potential hazards of handwritten paper files
  • Reduce the need to repeat expensive medical tests
  • The time savings alone for chart pulls
  • Accessibility of patient data 24/7 365 days
  • Timely error free billing to improve bottom-line
  • Cost-efficiencies through data consolidation
  • In-house, mobile or cloud based application
  • Best ROI among all available EHR in Industry
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